Bless this mess

When we get our spiritual houses in order, we’ll be dead. This goes on. You arrive at enough certainty to be able to make your way, but it is making it in darkness. Don’t expect faith to clear things up for you. It is trust, not certainty.

The Habit of Being, by Flannery O’Connor

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Today had many charms, but writing the post I thought I’d tackle didn’t turn out to be among them. 

In the meantime, I wanted to add this to my commonplace book. It seems that Ms. O’Connor also figured out what I now know…but a decade or two sooner. It was kind of her to write it down so well:

“enough certainty to make your way,”

but no more. One step at a time, the slats of bridge coming together at the end of your toes. 

Because if you could see farther, you’d think you made the bridge, now wouldn’t you?

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