Bits and Bobs

I used my lone focus-block of the day to begin work on my final essay for Intro to New Testament. I know you’re all relieved about that, because you were beginning to worry about whether I would miss my May 19 deadline. </sarcasm>

The corollary is that I didn’t write for you. What I did instead included building muscle, eating a wide array of charming baked goods while talking with tasty friends one last time before summer, and picking B up from the airport. The new terminal at ABIA, in fact:Departure door of Austin-Bergstrom South Terminal

The terminal seems to be throwing everyone for a loop. Not that it’s complex—how could it be? It’s one (not-very-)long rectangle. Just that it exists at all. B was non-plussed enough to reach out via text, “can whoever is meeting me meet me here??” While waiting for the flight’s bags to come out, I overheard more than one, “How do I get my rental car from here?” It is at the south end of nowhere, seemingly next to Lockhart, TX. But the car is twenty steps from the door, rather than the half-mile hike at the big terminal. And the space has an intentional 1950’s stylistic feel, adding a little visual fun to the whole airport experience. I hear TSA-approved travelers get to hang out on the patio and eat from food trucks, which seems exceptionally Austin-tatious. (On the ride home: “Were you saying ostentatious, or were you deliberately inserting our city name in there? …Oh, no, it makes sense. It’s certainly attention-getting, though not in a sparkly-luxurious way.”)


But all that human interaction… combined with a dose of Chuy’s enchiladas… means that today there’s just a little bit of blog for you. And for Bobs.

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