Today is a riding-in-the-car day. Which is good(ish) for writing, because my chief alternate activity is to watch out the windows. But I get headachy when I focus on the screen as the world rolls by. Can’t have everything. 

I was up really early this morning. Got to see the dawn sunlight turn everything to roses. And I found out I have been praying from Common Prayer for Ordinary Radicals long enough that I automatically said, “Lord, let my soul rise up to meet you/As the day rises to meet the sun.”

That’s the part about memorizing that a young yours truly, aided and abetted by educational fads of the 1970s, completely missed. When something is committed to memory, one always has it. It doesn’t have to be found again because it’s at one’s fingertips. 

And it’s hard, when you’re 10, to accurately forecast what you’ll be needing later. 

To be fair to my environment, though, I found memorizing so tedious I doubt anything short of failing classes and/or corporal punishment would have convinced me to make the effort.

Even now I only manage via practical repetition. Where will I be if I ever lack eyes to read with?

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