(Almost a) Snow day

It’s an odd habit of mind, that in an expanse of day like this one I decide that nothing has happened. Perhaps it’s because, since it’s Reading Week, this is my third day with wide swaths of unclaimed time.

What actually happened:

  • Finished some research/shopping that I’ve had at the top of my list since September
  • Lunched with my college roomie
  • Picked up holiday gift cards… and the cheese My Sweetie forgot, whoops!
  • Found the other part of a present I need to send
  • Made a couple of quiches

Sure, none of that is the assignment-reading for which Reading Week is named. But it is plenty to put into a day!

I leave you with a gift from the algorithm angels at Pandora, included in the “Hipster Christmas” mix:


ps: I’m not just playin’. This morning, the weather forecasters thought there might be flakes overnight, out an hour or two west of here. But it’s gotten too soggy for that.

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