Ahead in time only

I’m still workin’ the mindful timeliness thing. As in right here & right now — in the library parking lot, in the window after my haircut and before my volunteer shelver shift — getting something posted. Mindfully speaking, there’s a dinner engagement After Library.

But today’s the kind of day I’ve got nothin’ in particular. In rummaging around, I found this riff written November 19, 2014. I kinda like it! Let’s do that today.


We are created-creators in the image of God. 

God created the world, and us, within seven God-days.

We create — particularly people who have an itch, the way I do. It’s part of what makes us human, little lower than the angels, that we create like God creates. Imago Dei.

In God’s image, I write things down, often to see what they are because they keep wiggling so. And find myself perennially surprised at what shows up there.

Really, why am I surprised? What would have ever given me the notion that I would know what would arrive at the end of my fingertips? Why would creating-fingertips be a guarantee of known outcomes,

in this world cunningly made of chaos-as-fractal-order, inhabited in part by those whose random free-will choices are the stuff of legends?

I would need to be a pan-dimensional being to stand a chance of knowing what any single creative outcome would be. 

And even still I expect I’d never know only one outcome. 

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