30 books in three days is daunting

[dateline: Thursday, 23 May]

…so as I have breakfast and get ready to drop My Sweetie at the rent-car agency, I’m reading Fine Cooking.

(The post title refers to my last paper of the semester, an annotated bibliography where each annotation is to be eight-ish sentences. I still haven’t collected all the books. It’s due Friday 24 May and I began Wednesday at 10:45a. Not that I’m counting.)

The lune/July issue features barbecue–all the kinds–and as I idly flip along I reach their usual basic technique section in the back.

As you may know, I’m not the Food Person, I’m the eating-person. I bring a lot of dedication and nuance to my eating, but neither prep nor recipe execution is my knowledgeable zone. And yet the “Barbecue lingo” article is completely old hat to me-! We don’t even smoke meats Chez Soques; we outsource!

Evidently Texas–central Texas in particular–has seeped into my bones lo these past 30 years. Doesn’t everyone know that bark is the best thing ever?!

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