not habitforming, but i want to store it anyway…

In a recent Elle, there’s a review/opinion piece by Miranda Purves titled, “The Awful Truth.” And it’s a nice enough article, but I want to keep this quote from her quoting Rachel Cusk’s memoir A Life’s Work: “The crying has stopped,” Cusk writes of her daughter’s colic. “She has survived the first pain of existence […]

small steps (forward)?

I /have/ found a ‘pull’– weekly planning. I sat down yesterday to sort thru the week ahead, bc I’ve been feeling on the edge of losing stuff/getting blindsided. Turns out I’d missed two full weeks! I feel better, so I come back. Habit-forming.

a time for everything, and everything in its time

I think TIME will end up a key part of my habit-forming equation. It’s certainly been fascinating me lately. I found Charlie Gilkey’s blog Productive Flourishing in May—he’s all about mindfully, intentionally deploying one’s time so that you’re doing the things that you want to do, plan to do, think are important during your . […]

what to do first?

I got up & swam this morning for the first time in two weeks. I came home clear-eyed and focused, ready to crank. Had five different topics for blog-posts ready to go… …but there were a few things I thought I should do first. Some, like showering, dressing & eating, I’m good with putting to […]