relational or differential economics

To begin with, unlike the sale of a commodity, the giving of a gift tends to establish a relationship between the parties involved.* * It is this element of relationship which leads me to speak of gift exchange as an “erotic” commerce, opposing eros (the principle of attraction, union, involvement which binds together) to logos […]

almost another thesis

No really. It’s ridiculous. When I scribbled “vineyards not wheatfields: what is it about vineyards and not wheatfields? what’s the difference?” in my digital notebook, I presumed I could do a quick rummage around and get what I wanted… or at least enough to go on. Thousands of years of these oral/written texts—for vineyards and […]

Counting the uncountable

What gets measured, gets done. —Peter Drucker …continued from yesterday… The first challenge in figuring out whether a church is successful is to articulate: what does it mean to be a successful church? The traditional methodology, common in mainline denominations, is measuring ABC: Attendance, Buildings, Cash. As best as I can tell, these became measurements because […]

Hammers and nails

What gets measured, gets done. —Peter Drucker Back when I worked at a church, I started thinking about metrics. Wait, let’s back up further— I became interested in measuring the not-measurable when I was working on my certificate for to be a English/Language Arts secondary teacher. I know gradations of artistic merit when I read […]