It’s my agency

I’m grooving on agency. When words are your jam, it’s satisfying to have the right word. And agency is the right word for what matters to me in one… ok, two… of my spaces. Not the “insurance agency” definition, but the third one down: action or intervention, especially such as to produce a particular effect. […]

Why say no?

I’m listening to a podcast episode (Creative Giant Show #69, fwiw); the interviewee’s current passion is mentoring young potential entrepreneurs. And by young, he means middle-school-aged. His voice is full of outrage as he loops back again and again to adults telling these kids, “No. You’re too young.” I’m there. I’m standing right next to […]

Pick a passion

What really makes you angry about the world? Oh, look, another topic I start to argue with instead of write about! But my contrary tendencies are going to have to wait for another time. Hmm. Figuring out and keeping to a right-sized scope could be a linchpin for this writing. Onward-! Lots of things about […]